In addition to the design Our company also has a material test to check whether it can actually be used. Therefore, our company has a test Machine variety for convenience.

Rain Shower Test

Brand : SUGA
Model : RA-3Z

Determination of the degree of protection against the intrusion of water
This apparatus is used for determination of the degree of protection against the intrusion of water
specified in IEC 60529 (JIS C 0920), ISO 20653 and DIN 40050, such as IPX3, 4, 5 and 6.
The allowable size of the apparatus which corresponds to a specimen is per request.

Termal Shock Test

Brand : ESPEC
Model : TSE-12-A

Two-zone chamber capable of exposing specimens to a uniform thermal stress.
These two-zone thermal shock chambers are designed to specifically meet the needs of MIL, IEC, JASO, and other international testing standards.
They come mounted with The N-instrumentation for improved operability and visibility, making remote monitoring and control via an Ethernet connection possible from your desk. Thermal shock chambers that apply uniform levels of thermal stress to specimens and that can be used in a wide range of fields, from research and development through to inspections and production.

Dust Test

Brand : SUGA
Model : DT-1F

Dust Chambers allow reproducible testing of the resistibility of electro-technical products against dust, and the determination of IP-protection types by housings of electrical devices and equipment of road vehicles.

Temp & Humidity

Brand : ESPEC
Model : SH-642

Compact design for personal use, to network with your computer.
The bench-top type temperature and humidity chamber series feature environmental testing performance in a compact design.
Available in 20 liters and 60 liters capacities, these models offer a temperature range from
−20℃, −40℃, or − 60℃, to +150℃ or +180℃, while achieving excellent performance.
The chamber comes with user-friendly touch panel display, allows three-way access to the chamber, and offering a broader range of options for superior expandability.

Robot for Endurance Test

Brand : NACHI
Model : MZ04

MZ04 series is a small, simple structure, high speed and high accuracy robot which is optimal for
material handling and other application. Because of the hollow arm wrist, simplified wiring from the
robot body to the tool is possible.
For our company[ASAHI DENSO R&D ASIA], MZ04 has been used to test the switch of various products. To check the strength and number of times of use of the product.

Vibration Test Machine (with chamber)

Brand : EMIC
Model : FH-8K/51S

The environmental test is a test which evaluates the products by specifying vibration, humidity and temperature and making combined environment by its combination. It is a necessary test process for the automobile industry and electronic component industry, such as semiconductors. The Vibetech chamber tests the above 3 conditions at the same time, which drastically shortens the testing time and provides a high-leveled reliability evaluation test.

3D  Printer

Model : CB00021

3D printer type FDM / FFF uses plastic threads as raw material for forming workpieces. Nowadays there are many types of plastic materials for 3D printing, such as high strength materials. Electrically conductive material Flexible materials like rubber, for example, allowing the 3D Printer to be more responsive.
Our company [ASAHI DENSO R&D ASIA] is used to make models after the 3D design in the computer is finished. In order to check the feeling of touch and able to put various parts together without actually having any problems

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